Founded In: May 2009
Hometown: Bergen County, New Jersey
Website: http://endermetalnj.com
Twitter: @endermetalnj
Facebook: /endermetalnj
E-Mail: enderhardcore@gmail.com

Bio: ENDER is a Metal/Metalcore band from New Jersey formed in May 2009. Wasting no time, they wrote and recorded a demo containing of a handful of songs, and hit the road. The bands first show on Juy 24 2009 was also the first date of their 3 week DIY tour called “The Bootyshorts And V-Necks Tour”.

After the tour, the band played a countless amount of shows around New Jersey making a name for themselves in their home state. After a lineup change which saw Mike Newey be replaced by Joe Benducci as the bands frontman, they completed 8 songs to record their first EP.

In December 2010, Ender entered Treehouse Studios in Jersey City, NJ with producer Weston Kleinknecht to record their first effort, titled “This Is Revenge”. The album took roughly 3 months to complete and contains 8 tracks by the New Jersey quintet. “This Is Revenge” was shopped out to numerous labels, but the label that stood out most to Ender was Florida-based Eulogy Recordings.

On February 25th 2010, Eulogy Recordings officially announced the signing of Ender. Shortly after the signing, Ender embarked on a stint of tours for the summer leading up to the release of “This Is Revenge” which was released July 20th 2010;
- May 26th 2010 – June 2nd 2010: Headlining tour w/ Of Salt And Swine (Innerstrength Records) and Float Face Down (Rite Of Passage Records)
- July 10th 2010 – July 26th 2010: Headlining tour w/ Timelines (Ignite Records) and Above All Fallen, known as “The Player Hatour”

After the release of the album, Ender embarked “Weekend Warrior” tours just about every weekend up the north-east coast. Due to lack of management and a booking agent, the band struggled to lock down long-term tours to support “This Is Revenge”.

So far in 2011, Ender has seen more time on the road. In January 2011, Ender embarked on an east-coast run with Destruction Of A King (Hotfoot Records) from January 7th 2011 – January 23rd 2011 booked by Ender’s drummer, Danny Lavarco, named “The Slob On My Knob Tour”. In February 2011, Ender teamed up with label mates Catalepsy for 2 weeks on “The Eulogy Metal Tour”, hitting the east coast to coast. Home for only a few weeks, the band then hit the road for a week of “The Devastatour” with Demolisher (Century Media Records), and Legion.

After the brief stint of “The Devastatour”, the band decided to take a brief hiatus.

After a few years Ender decided to reunite and pick up where they left off! "Descolada" is the newest EP from Ender and is available NOW!